Packing rings and cases

non-lubricated packing cases – May 2017
Packings, wipers, cases – March 2021
BCD sealing rings for ABC series
Packing ring sets for Kwangshin compressors
Big diameter rod packings up to 160mm

Shanghai Leah designs and manufactures a full range of main gas, intermediate and oil wiper packings, using all the traditionally specified designs utilising the entire spectrum of non-metallic and metallic materials.

Leah has developed an exclusive range of Special Polymers with particular problem solving capabilities which have resulted in new piston and rod sealing systems that can replace traditionally used seals in almost every lubricated and oil-free compressor application. These new developments in sealing components have greater temperature resistance, good chemical properties and a high degree of durability producing better all-round performance.

To fully complement the Leah range of packings and oil wiper rings, packing cases are manufactured in various materials from cast iron to high grade alloy steels, capable of operating in pressures of up to 700 bar and in special stainless alloys for extreme corrosive conditions. As well as the conventional designs fitted with radial/tangent packings, we are able to offer specialised designs for more specific applications such as the triple circle and labyrinth packing system,  engineered specifically for individual requirements which meet API618 standards, are also available.

Leah also offers a reconditioning service to fully refurbish packing cases back to as-new condition.